Latest news

Improved cabinets KRU-RN are launched into production

In accordance with JSC “KEMONT” safety requirements design of cabinet KRU-RN was improved. New embodiment includes MIP-6 protection relay providing constant control of feeder insulation resistance.

Package switchgear chambers KSO of 20 kV voltage are launched into production

In 2014 package switchgear chambers KSO2-20 have been launched into production. The chambers are intended for application in electric power distribution networks of up to 24 kV voltage and 50 Hz frequency alternating current.

KEMONT has launched a full-scale production of mining equipment

Production of mining equipment series PRN, VRN, VARP, PVRN designed for operation in mines and pits of metal mining industry enterprises was launched in 2013.

About us

Joint-stock company «KEMONT» is the first-rate enterprise in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of electrical equipment assembly for Kazakhstan, the near and far abroad foreign countries.

The enterprise is located in Ust-Kamenogorsk city which is a center of the East Kazakhstan region.

Established in 1949 as Ust-Kamenogorsk assembly department of “Sibelektromontazh” Trust, it was then reorganized as “Kazelektromontazh” Assembly department of Ust-Kamenogorsk. In 2004 the enterprise achieved status of joint-stock company «KEMONT». At present JSC “KEMONT” includes assembly, design and setup areas as well as representative officies in the Russian Federation.

JSC “KEMONT” principal area of activity is production of medium and low voltage package switchgears and substations.

Our production is notable for its advanced reliability and safety, space-saving overall dimensions, prompt repair possibility, maintenance safety, operating life, easy assemblage and start-up.

Park of the enterprise processing equipment is being constantly upgraded promoting application of the most up-to-date practices. The company management takes resolute actions in creating optimal conditions for effective labor and constant professional development of employees.

At the present time “KEMONT” has at its disposal considerable manufacturing capabilities including premachining, painting and assembly shops, processing lines, up-to-date machining facilities including metal plasma-arc cutting plant, KNUTH, EUROMAC and VIMERCATI computer numerical control (CNC) machines for metal and copper bus bar processing, Belgium and Switzerland machining facilities for cables and wires processing and termination.

The distinctive features of the enterprise’s production:

– production is packaged with the most up-to-date electrical, relay, switching appliances and microprocessor-based equipment of the leading producer companies of Germany, Poland, France, Italy, South Korea and other countries;

– every single batch of the manufactured electrical production is being obligatory tested, adjusted and checked according to the requirements of the regulatory documents. It is also completed with the quality certificate and hardcopy and softcopy of the necessary maintenance documentation.

Extreme attention is paid to the issues of the production quality, standardization, certification and safety. Before shipping to the consumers every piece of the produced goods is being subjected to the package of electrical tests.

Design, development and production of electrical equipment are executed with due account taken of the operating state standards (GOST, ST RK), technical regulations (TR RK), organization standards (ST) and technical specifications (TU) on the production.

The enterprise is included into the Local manufacturers Register. Major production is certified for certificates of origin form ST KZ.

Electrical equipment manufactured by JSC “KEMONT” is applied in variety of industries: metallurgy, nuclear, chemical, mineral resource, oil and gas, industrial energy as well as for the projects of power supply systems, agriculture, residential housing and on the objects of social, cultural and domestic purposes.