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Improved cabinets KRU-RN are launched into production

In accordance with JSC “KEMONT” safety requirements design of cabinet KRU-RN was improved. New embodiment includes MIP-6 protection relay providing constant control of feeder insulation resistance.

Package switchgear chambers KSO of 20 kV voltage are launched into production

In 2014 package switchgear chambers KSO2-20 have been launched into production. The chambers are intended for application in electric power distribution networks of up to 24 kV voltage and 50 Hz frequency alternating current.

KEMONT has launched a full-scale production of mining equipment

Production of mining equipment series PRN, VRN, VARP, PVRN designed for operation in mines and pits of metal mining industry enterprises was launched in 2013.

KSO2-10 chambers assemblage
Single-end service assembled KSO2-10 chambers are intended for application in 10 (6) kV outdoor switchgears. They are applied in greenfield projects, extension or renovation projects of distribution and transformer substations of the metropolitan electric network, civil objects and infrastructure.
KMU-1 package switchgear
Package switchgears KMU-1 cabinets are in the optimal way suited for applying in 10 kV switchgears of 2 х40 (63) MVA substations.
K104-KF package switchgear
Package switchgear K104-KF cabinets are intended for application in indoor switchgears as well as outdoor K-59 switchgears of 10(6) kV voltage and 50 Hz frequency three-phased alternating current.
K104-KF package switchgears assemblage
Reliable draw-out vacuum circuit breakers and component parts of the world’s leading manufacturers are applied in modern K104-KF cabinets.